Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School provides a stimulating early learning environment for your child’s educational journey. Acknowledging that children develop at different rates, this school ensures that each child is advancing at their pace and level, not that of the group. Their team's goal is for your bundle of joy to be fully prepared for primary school as well as become confident and independent.
Nursery and pre-grade, baby class as well as baby care
A play based nursery approach
A stimulating early learning environment
Pre-school - 0
Pre-school - 1
Pre-school - 2
Pre-school - 3

Primary school

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School will give your child the fundamental knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. From the moment your child starts grade 1, this school will inspire him/her to learn and enjoy learning through its broad based and engaging curriculum.
Primary school education from grade 1-7
A broad based and engaging curriculum
A wide selection of activities - field trips, educational tours and more
Primary school - 0
Primary school - 1
Primary school - 2
Primary school - 3

Junior Secondary School

Catering for students from grades 8 to 9, Tree Tops' primary and Junior Secondary School offers its students a broad choice of subjects and activities in a caring and supportive learning environment. The school values the diversity of cultures and welcomes international students to enroll.
Grades 8 to 9
A broad choice of subjects and activities
Challenging students academically to become lifelong learners
Junior Secondary School - 0
Junior Secondary School - 1
Junior Secondary School - 2
Junior Secondary School - 3

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Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School

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